Who is this Guy?

Khalid Rahmaan was born a painfully thin Black child in post-crack/pre-gentrification New York City (read: Jheri Curl EVERYWHERE). As a Billy Joel kind of guy in a Biggie Smalls kind of neighborhood, many of his walks home from school were interrupted by embarrassing rap battle ass whuppins, in addition to traditional "ass whuppin" ass whuppins. Never one to let a setback keep him down, young Khalid used these early defeats to fuel the fire that would eventually lead him to THE STAGE (mostly back rooms and shady bars, at this point). You can find Khalid entertaining audiences all over, with his wide comedic range (mainly stuff about athletes, online dating and 70s super group Fleetwood Mac) or producing the N.W.A Comedy Show (*Negroes with Asthma) and It's Sooo Up & Coming: Comedy at 739 Franklin, which has been featured in the New York Times and on DNAinfo.com.

If you'd like to book Khalid or just chat with him about his favorite Fleetwood Mac song (Dreams, obviously), you can reach him at krahmaan1@gmail.com.